Business Insurance

The experienced professionals of US insurance broking lead the industry in the efficient management of risk and its related costs, meeting the business insurance needs of companies ranging from small retail establishments to multinational corporations. A recognized leader in the area of professional liability, governmental/municipal insurance programs, pollution liability, high technology coverage and other specialized areas of risk.

Strong working relationship with America’s leading insurance companies and Lloyd’s of London brokers.

Innovative, cost-effective solutions for clients in virtually every industry. US insurance broking clientele are as diverse as the American economy itself. There is hardly a business, industrial or professional insurance situation that has not presented itself to US insurance broking- Health/Medical, Retail, Construction, Marine, Transportation, e-Commerce/Technology, Native American Tribes and related business, Forestry, Financial, Legal, Agriculture, Colleges and Universities, Golf Courses and Country Clubs, Public Entities, General Aviation, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Manufacturing, Medical Care Facilities, Museums, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Religious Institutions, Schools and many others.

Specialized areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: unique coverage plans for trucking firms and cargo, specialized plans for dentists, lawyers, optometrists, food processors, sports and entertainment and most other business and professional groups.

Self-insured and fully insured programs

  • Third-party administration
  • Loss prevention services
  • Cost containment for Workers’ Compensation
  • Excess Workers’ Compensation
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